Publications of Csaba, L.

A rendszerváltozás közgazdaságtana

Book review: Marie Lavigne: The Economics of Transition.MacMillan Press, Basingstoke: London, 1995., 295 oldal

Socialism, Capitalism, Transformation

Book review: Leszek Balcerowicz: Socialism, Capitalism, Transformation.Central-European University Press, Budapest-London-New York, 1995. 377 old.

Csaba L. Teoria transformatsii i resenie realnih problem. In: Herrmann-Pillat K, Schlehm O, Vunsche HF, editors. Цель - рыночное хозяйство. Хозяйство и общество в процессе перехода от плана к рынку. Moscow: Vladar; 1995. p. 500-8.

Arye L. Hillman and Branko Milanovic (eds.): The Transition from Socialism in Eastern Europe. Domestic Restructuring and Foreign Trade

Reviews the book `The Transition from Socialism in Eastern Europe. Domestic Restructuring and Foreign Trade,' edited by Arye L. Hillman and Branko Milanovic.

Csaba L. Richard Baldwin: Towards an Integrated Europe. Vol 21.; 1995. (Journal of Comparative Economics; vol 21; no 2). Abstract

Richard Baldwin: Towards an Integrated Europe

Reviews the book `Towards an Integrated Europe,' by Richard Baldwin.

Csaba L. Book reviews. Comparative Economic Studies (Association for Comparative Economic Studies). 1995;37(3):80. Abstract

Book reviews

Reviews the book `Firms Afloat and Firms Adrift: Hungarian Industry and the Economic Transition,' by Josef Brada, Inderjit Singh and Adam Torok.

Csaba L. Book reviews. Journal of Comparative Economics. 1995;21(2):244.

Hungary and the IMF: The Experience of a Cordial Discord

Examines Hungary's relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) between 1954-1994. Factors that contributed to Hungary's huge debt accumulation; Restricted macroeconomic policy applied by the IMF to Hungary; Pretransformation and posttransformation periods in Hungary; Failure of the IMF to obtain greater market reforms in Hungary.

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Paul Welfens: Market-oriented Systemic Transformations in Eastern Europe

Reviews the book `Market-oriented Systemic Transformations in Eastern Europe,' by Paul Welfens.

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Nigel Swain: Hungary: The Rise and Fall of Feasible Socialism

Reviews the book `Hungary--The rise and Fall of Feasible Socialism,' by Nigel Swain.

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Csaba L. From Reforming to Transforming the Economic System in Hungary. Comparative Economic Studies (Association for Comparative Economic Studies). 1992;34(3/4):96-106. Abstract

From Reforming to Transforming the Economic System in Hungary

Describes the transformation of Hungary's economic system. Background on socialist reforms; Analysis of theory and practice of transition years; Impact of the economic and political processes in 1992; Economic transition in a comparative perspective.

Macroeconomic policy in Hungary: Poetry versus Reality

Evaluates economic policy-related issues in Hungary. Hungary's economic condition from 1987 to 1991; Macroeconomic policies of the Antall administration; Economic reforms in Hungary.

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Csaba L. What Comes After Comecon? Soviet & Eastern European Foreign Trade. 1991;27(4):37. Abstract

What Comes After Comecon?

Focuses on events leading to the disintegration of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA). Restructuring of CMEA amidst changes in eastern Europe; Objectives and outcomes of multilateral restructuring; Collective concept of the Socialist International Division of Labor; Soviet Union's proposed switchover to trade in convertible currencies and its effect on Hungary.

Csaba L. Triebkräfte und Hindernisse des Systemwandels in Osteuropa. Köln: Bundesinstitut für Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien; 1991.