What Comes After Comecon?

TitleWhat Comes After Comecon?
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsCsaba, L.
EditorsKim, D., K. H. Jung, and K. Y. Yeong
Book TitleThe Role of Market and the State: Economic and Social Reforms in East Asia and Eastern Europe
PublisherShin Jung Printing Co.
Place of PublicationSeoul
SeriesEast and West Studies Series
Series Number19

Italian version published in Impresa privata e transizione nell'East Europa e in China. Dallago, B., Grancelli, B., Ajani, G. (eds.) Trento and Bolzano: Quaderni di Economia e Banca special issue. 1991, Vol. 10. pp 83-113. French version published in Le Courrier des Pays del'Est, 1989, I. 343.

Department of International Relations
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