Europe’s Gas Paradigm in Flux

At the EPRG's event "Europe’s Gas Paradigm in Flux” that took place on 16. May 2018 at CEU, Michael LaBelle, Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in Energy and Innovation Strategies at CEU talked about the shift in the gas sector developing towards multiple suppliers and short term contracts, but emphasized that it is about finding a balance between the traditional way of gas supply through pipeline infrastructure and the new market-based approach and regulation.

Roundtable on "Energy Storage Technology: Is the CEE Region Ready?"

Central European University, the Energy Research Group, and the Jean Monet Chair for Energy Innovation Strategies on March 6th has organized the roundtable discussion “Energy Storage Technology: Is the CEE Region Ready?”. According to the moderator of the discussion professor Michael LaBelle, “We look at Western Europe countries, US, Australia where energy storage ecosystems are well developed, but the focus of this discussion is how we bring in new energy storage technologies in the CEE region with robust electrical and gas systems”.

Event on "A new Gas Paradigm in Eastern Europe?"

At the EPRG's event "A new Gas Paradigm in Eastern Europe?" that took place on 17. October 2017 at CEU, Michael LaBelle, Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in Energy and Innovation Strategies at CEU discussed that after the failed gas pipeline projects, such as South Stream and Nabucco LNG could bring a new era for the region offering more competitive and consumer-focused gas supply. Akos Lotz, Researcher at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University argued that LNG demand is still low in Europe which is the least favorite destination for LNG.

Thaler Investigates Growing Importance of the European Council in Energy

A member of the CEU's Energy Policy Research Group Dr Philipp Thaler published his recent article “The European Commission and the European Council: Coordinated Agenda setting in European energy policy” in the Journal of European integration. In the publication he investigates the effects of a growing importance of the European Council for policy integration – a trend that has been experienced in various fields in the post-Maastricht era – in the specific context of EU energy policy.

Pakalkaite Presents Energy Research Papers at ECPR Conference on Regulatory Governance

Vija Pakalkaite, who began her doctoral studies at CEU in 2012, received funding from the School of Public Policy Travel and Research Grant Fund to attend the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Conference on Regulatory Governance in Tilburg, the Netherlands in July.

Goldthau and Sitter Analyze EU Policy in the Global Political Economy of Energy

Jean-Arnold Vinois gave a thoughtful and informative keynote address at CEU on Friday, October 2. The occasion was the official launch of Andreas Goldthau and Nick Sitter’s new book, “A Liberal Actor in a Realist World: The European Union Regulatory State and the Global Policy Economy of Energy” (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Vija Pakalkaite publishes a Commentary on the Increasing State Role in the Energy Business in Central and Eastern Europe

Vija Pakalkaite, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Public Policy and researcher at the CEU’s Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG, on June 25 published a commentary in Natural Gas Europe about the increasing state role in the energy utilities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Andrei V. Belyi on the complex interrelation of states and markets in the hydrocarbon sector

On the 13th of February 2015, CEU’s Energy Policy Research Group welcomed Dr Andrei V. Belyi, Senior Researcher at the Centre for EU Russia Studies of the University of Tartu in Estonia, to talk on ‘Market Power on the Rise or Return of the State? International Political Economy of Hydrocarbon Sectors’. The public lecture was jointly organized with the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) and the Department of Public Policy.

Vija Pakalkaite Awarded the CEU Award for Advanced Doctoral Students

Our PhD student, Vija Pakalkaite has been awarded the CEU Award for Advanced Doctoral Students. The Award rewards outstanding student research and requires completion of a significant portion of research that serves as the basis of the dissertation and scholarly presentation of tangible results that directly stem from the research (a draft chapter, a paper); and a GPA of at least 3.5 or the highest placements in the department.

Prof. Aleh Cherp leads a new project on the Politics of Energy Transitions

Prof. Aleh Cherp leads a new project on the Politics of Energy Transitions supported by the International Social Sciences Council’s Transformation to Sustainability Program as part of the Future Earth initiative.