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Andreas Goldthau publishes Wiley Handbook on Global Energy Policy

Andreas Goldthau, faculty member and Head of CEU's Department of Public Policy, published the Wiley Handbook of Global Energy Policy. It is the first handbook to provide a global policy perspective on energy, bringing together a diverse range of international energy issues in one volume. The Handbook

EPRG member discusses the future of energy in Europe at King’s College

During an event organized by King’s College London on 10 February 2011, EPRG member Andreas Goldthau participated in a panel titled Energy in Europe 2050: Facts, Trends and Scenarios. The event took place at the university’s European Center for Resource and Energy Security.

Project status: 
"Common Goals – Different Approaches?" is a two-year research and dialogue program jointly implemented by the  Global Public Policy Institute, Berlin and the Brookings Institution. The project will focus on the role of markets and institutions in fostering global energy security. Rather than adopting a traditional security lens to studying energy security, this project will assess ways in which global energy governance can be strengthened by creating and deepening markets, and adapting the "rules of the game". The project combines policy research with constructive and forward-looking transatlantic dialogue among researchers, industry experts and policymakers.
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