DPP faculty member takes part in global energy strategy simulation in Turkey

On 6 October 2011, DPP faculty member Andreas Goldthau participated in a one-day "Global Energy Strategy Simulation" in Istanbul, organized by the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSIAD) and run by the Texas-based global intelligence company Stratfor.

The event, which drew an audience of roughly 500 people, sought to simulate how major producers, consumers and transit countries would respond to fluctuations in oil prices in the future.

Selected participants in the public simulation included Alexander A. Dynkin, director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow; Mehmet Öğütçü, director of the multinational energy firm BG Group and former adviser to former Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal; Tariq Ehsan Shafiq, managing director of Petrolog & Associates and one of the founders and directors of the Iraq National Oil Company.

The conference was opened by Ümit Boyner, president of the board at TÜSIAD, and Taner Yıldız, Turkey's minister of energy and natural resources. The conference was closed by Ahmet Davutoğlu, the minister of foreign affairs of Turkey.