DPP faculty member presents at high level EU conference on 'Politics and Economics of European Energy Security'

DPP facult member Andreas Goldthau presented at a conference organized by the European Commission's JRC on the 'Politics and Economics of European Energy Security' held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18-19 November 2010. The aim of the conference was to bring policymakers, the academic community, and other key stakeholders together with a view to ensuring that the EU has a coherent energy security policy, and to inject new thinking into the broader European debate around energy security. Dr. Goldthau's presentation focused on 'gas supply security after the shale gas revolution'. He was joined by Jean-Arnold Vinois, Head of Unit, Directorate Security of Supply and Energy Markets, DG Energy; Pierre Noël, University of Cambridge; Coby van der Linde, Director of the Clingendael International Energy Programme.