EPRG members Andreas Goldthau and Jessica Jewell participate in a workshop on Nuclear Energy hosted by the Brookings Institution and GPPI

The Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), and the Brookings Institution, held a conference entitled "Towards a Nuclear Power Renaissance? Challenges for Global Energy Governance" on 4 - 5 March 2010 in Potsdam. The conference included approximately 40 participants from Germany, Europe and the United States. Speakers addressed questions regarding the recent surge in new nuclear power projects around the world, and in this context focused specifically on the implications for climate change, the economics of nuclear power, issues around long-term waste management, the proliferation of nuclear material and technology as well as uranium supply issues.

Two EPRG members: Andreas Goldthau of the Department of Public Policy and Jessica Jewell of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy both participated in the workshop. Andreas was invited to moderate the concluding discussion while Jessica was invited to comment on the role that Nuclear Energy can play in Energy Security.