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Roundtable on "Energy Storage Technology: Is the CEE Region Ready?"

Central European University, the Energy Research Group, and the Jean Monet Chair for Energy Innovation Strategies on March 6th has organized the roundtable discussion “Energy Storage Technology: Is the CEE Region Ready?”. According to the moderator of the discussion professor Michael LaBelle, “We look at Western Europe countries, US, Australia where energy storage ecosystems are well developed, but the focus of this discussion is how we bring in new energy storage technologies in the CEE region with robust electrical and gas systems”.

Prof. Cherp co-authors a paper on the concept of energy security with Dr. Jewell

Prof. Aleh Cherp co-authors a paper on the concept of energy security with Dr. Jessica Jewell of IIASA, an EPRG alumna. The paper can be freely retrieved at It argues that energy security should be conceptualized as an instance of security in general and that it can be defined as low vulnerability of vital energy systems which support critical social functions and can be drawn sectorally or geographically.

Aleh Cherp presented research at the Annual Conference of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies

Aleh Cherp presented his research results on global energy security in the 21st century at the Annual Conference of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies organized by the Cawford School of Public Policy of Australian National University in Canberra in preparation for the G20 summit in Australia later this year. According to Prof.

DPP faculty Andreas Goldthau edits special journal section on 'Policy Agendas for the Future of Global Energy'

The special section, published by Global Policy Journal, features a distinguished group of contributors, among other Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency, Diana Urge-Vorsatz of CEU and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Shonali Pachauri of the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Read more.

DPP faculty Andreas Goldthau publishes article on changing energy paradigms

Titled 'From the State to the Market and Back. Policy Implications of Changing Energy Paradigms', Andreas Goldthau's latest piece argues that the market as dominant governance model in energy is increasingly contested. Businesses need to be prepared to adapt to fragmented environments between state dirigisme and market liberalism.

DPP faculty Andreas Goldthau publishes book on Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia (Palgrave)

DPP faculty member Andreas Goldthau published a new book with Palgrave Macmillan, coedited with Caroline Kuzemko (Warwick), Andrei Belyi (HSE) and Michael Keating (Richmond).

DPP faculty member Andreas Goldthau publishes article on energy security in International Studies Perspectives

The journal International Studies Perspectives published an article about global energy security by DPP faculty member Andreas Goldthau. The piece is titled A Public Policy Perspective on Global Energy Security. The article argues that the emerging literature on global energy governance has failed so far to provide an extensive intellectual rationale for the concept.

CEU professors lead two Knowledge Modules in Global Energy Assessment


The Global Energy Assessment (GEA) is a major international initiative to help decision makers address the challenges of providing energy services for sustainable development, whilst ameliorating existing and emerging threats associated with: security of supply; access to modern forms of energy for development and poverty alleviation; local, regional and global environmental impacts; and securing sufficient investment.

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